Monday, September 08, 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008

So much too catch up on!

Sorry I've been so bad about updating..needless to say ..BUSY SUMMER!! Next week Ava starts school and then on the 20th Autumn and Carle time flies! I promise to get pics up soon.. but for now I can let ya'll know what's been going on.

The big news over the summer was Carle's travel team *SGS Magic Red* got the bid to Nationals and played at Walt Disney World's Wide World of Sports Complex the week of July 26th through August 2nd in Orlando FL! It was SO much fun!! Carle played awesome at 2nd base and short stop during actual tournament earning her 2nd MVP award against a team from Jacksonville FL. It was crazy to play against girls from Oklahoma to Texas and can you believe even Louisiana! It was too much. She actually just got a call tonite that she was chosen again to play on the 12U for the 2009 season if she wanted the spot.. there were (3) spots open and she beat out over a hundred girls again..whew!! We're just very proud.. she works hard. We also played too..come on.. it's Disney... but you know.. we had the best time at Sea World with the Dolphins.. it was an experience we'll never forget!

Autumn too just made the Volleyball team for her last year in Jr High. Her training has already begun 5 days a week..YIKES! But it's a fun sport that she loves. She'll go back into pitching in October.. she also has been called for lead/asst lead pitcher by the High School coach for the 2009 year also..She's been working with a new pitching coach from OSU who actually lives up here in the summer and has been great about giving her the edge.. she's pitching around low 50's which is equivalent to a baseball pitch in the high 70's low 80' other words.. it hurts if its not caught right.. ha ha Autumn also is the proud new owner of a new teddybear (Shichon) puupy named Emmie Mazix (ie her bday is May 6th).. she's just the most cuddly adorable little girl in the world.. Craig was shocked we'd get a dog that didn't retrieve.. ha ha... but guess who I found snuggled up on the couch with him today.. hmmmmmm LOL

And what a summer Ava had! She started off her summer by going to see Aunt Di in Phoenix AZ then she came to Ohio (made her first real friend here..named Jenna... they both cried at the airport..awwww) then a trip in TX with her other Aunt Steph and got to have lunch with Shamu at Sea World..then a trip with her mom and stepdad to Montana..very cool!! and then just a week ago a trip with Aunt Di and her Uncle Mike to their lake house around Dallas where Ava got bit by a Copperhead! SCARY!! All is well though. She's back home in Louisiana ready for her first day of school! We're actually getting ready to go down and see her over Labor Day Vicksburg MS.. with the girls studying all the history of teh Civil War in school and Autumn's fascination with the plantations its a WIN WIN!!

Craig and I are just plugging along too...LOL.. done a lot of fishing and a few days here and there at the cottage..but mostly sitting at the ball diamond. We have a trip planned next weekend at PutNBay on Lake Erie with my brothers and sisters next weekend so that'll be fun.. and of course.. early season is right around the corner.. the back yard is full of decoys rights now as someone is just anticipating the arrival of Septamber 1st!!

Well I'll get the pics posted soon!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

January 01, 2008

We were expecting snow.. but it missed us! This is what we call "spittin" here in Ohio..but boy did Ava get excited..I'm not sure who loves to eat snow more.. her or Roxy.., Carle of course is still holding out that they'll be more snow later and she won't have to go back to school tomorrow..LOL

Monday, December 31, 2007

WOW it's December 31st!

WOW!! We can't believe it's New Year's Eve..what a month!

We had an awesome Christmas Eve in Ohio at my sister Stephanie's house.. it's always so much fun when we all get together..this year my sister Jen didn't make it home from Dallas, but with five more to go.. it was still eventful!! The little ones brought so much makes you believe in Santa all over again!

Had a great Christmas Day at home.. Craig made a turkey in the oven and I think we played board games till I don't know when.. Carle is at an age it was..clothes, clothes clothes..but Santa did remember MOONSHOES.. who knew.. ha ha and Ms. Autumn got the neatest game called Rubiks Revolution.. I think Craig and I played with it more than she did

And finally Ms Ava arrived on the 27th! What a journey getting her here.. the airport bumped her off a flight then put her on another which landed well over 4 hours later and the little angel actually had to make a stop..(as they said in the CHIPMUNK movie we saw ...) HOLY NUTS!!!

She arrived safe and sound and full of giggles! Carle was at an indoor water park so Craig and I took Ava to an aquarium the first nite! By the time we got home, Autumn was anxiously awaiting..and had lots and lots of games to play!

Well with three girls running around, needless to say we stayed busy.. they dressed up, they danced (even Craig..thought he could breakdance..)played a lot of board games..(which I am wondering now.. how many times these girls have actually watched High School Musical..they sure knew those answers quick..hmmmmmmmmmm) We even celebrated our New Years Eve early on the 30th since we knew Ava had to start getting back on Louisiana time for her flight home... so what'd we do you ask?? We pulled some mattresses and lots of pillows to the living room every one found a spot about 8:30 or so and we watched UNDER DOG!! OMG... it was soooo funny!!!

Well, hope you enjoy the pics!! I'm sure we'll have more tomorrow.. sounds like we're finally getting some snow.. the girls already have their snow pants layed out!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Friday, December 07, 2007

End of Year Update 2007

Well it's December and it feels like winter in Ohio! It's also starting to feel like Christmas with snow on the ground! Just thought I'd post a little end of year update..November was pretty busy (I think) cause it's December now and I'm not sure how it got here so quick! I do remember a little girl with black hair flew in from Louisiana to see us around Thanksgiving! Yes, it was Ms. Ava!! She's getting so tall. We took her to see the lights at the zoo with My brother, his wife and their son Chase..I'm still waiting for the pics but I'll be sure to upload them. It was a WONDERFUL visit..her and Carle enjoyed their newly decorated bedroom too..they decided they were too big for Cinderella so we went with the High School Musical theme.. and as you can see they loved it!

Now today is 12-07 so that means my Carle turns 10 tomorrow!! WOW..double digits!! Since we had her birthday with family on Thanksgiving we're just doing a little pizza and a movie with her friends tomorrow..can't wait!!

Carle just had her Christmas program last night also and Autumn will be having one on the 18th.

I'm pretty sure we're all set for Christmas (I hope the girls don't see this! ha ha) Craig and I got the girls all new sleds (BIG ONES) for Christmas..I know Ava's excited when she comes back on the 27th.. that girls loves the snow! Ava also will be going to Disney for the first time with her mom on the 12th - we'll be sure to post those pics too.. that's the other part of her gift from us also.. they're going to have SO MUCH FUN!

Well I'm sure the first of the year I'll have lots of pics to post.. so until then..
Happy Holidays to all!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

(2) Banded Birds - IN ONE DAY!!!

Well Craig has been so busy with work that he just hasn't been able to do as much hunting as he would like...but with a day like yesterday.. he doesn't mind anymore..him and Timmy headed just about a mile outside of Napoleon yesterday morning with hopes of getting a shot at the resident Canadian Geese..well not only did they limit out within an hour..Craig shot his first banded goose!!! Who would've expected an hour later duck hunting at a creek down a few miles he would've also shot a banded Mallard!

Halloween 2007

This year we had beautiful weather for trick or rain, or snow yet..YEAH! Autumn and her friend Destiney (now in junior high) have outgrown the "CUTE" costumes and opted for T-shirts that said " I don't do costumes"..thank goodness for Carle..who , along with her best friend Haley.. dressed up at Pirates! And we can't forget Ms. Ava.. she chose to be a "rock star" this year, and went on a neighborhood trick or treat! We'll get those pictures uploaded soon! Happy Halloween!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Last Day with all four girls for the summer 2007

Well it's been a whirl wind..but a GREAT month of June! Autumn , Carle and Savannah all played softball this summer. The girls all did a reading club at the local library. Ava and Carle took private swim lessons. We enjoyed a relaxing evening at the pond last night catching fish..(I caught the was about an inch...LOL)..We took a scenic walk in Grand Rapids OH and Ava of course took a swim..the girls love having an aunt owning a restaurant there...all the FREE SALAD AND FRIES!! We went up to the lake for a day so they could swim..haven't used the cottage yet this summer, but we'll being taking a trip there when Ava comes back in July. Autumn did volleyball camp...and of course Craig and I did lots of grocery shopping and laundry while trying to still take a few courses. It'll sure be quiet around here till October when we'll be able to get them all together again! ..We took a picture tonite before Ava catches her plane tomorrow...looks like our Christmas Card for this year!

Ava Marie learns to ride a bike!! YEAH!!

Everyone rides bikes..even DADDY

Autumn Pitching 2007

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Carle and Savannah are having a great summer playing softball! Tonight Carle and Savannah both hit a triple and both made double plays...I've been told that the two of them alone could take on some of the teams in our league!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Carle's Dance Recital 2007

After driving Carle to dance, every Monday for 9 months...the recital finally came! She performed in tap and jazz and has really taken her lessons to a new level..we were all so impressed..she debated about joining the competition team in which she was invited..but my girls are softball players at heart, and just couldn't walk away from that!

Autumn goes to Camp

Well 6th grade was an exciting year for Autumn. She finally got her own locker and was able to join different groups such as chorus and participate in what is known as 6th grade Camp Palmer. For a lot of the kids, it is the first time away from home without parents..and NO cell phones! She left excited and came home excited! We were able to go see her four days into the event in which she showed us her cabin and some of the crafts she had made. I was sure she'd be ready to come home and just beg to leave with me......but, all I got was her dirty laundry..LOL

It was a great experience, and one she'll never forget!

Ava's Recital in Louisiana

In May, Ava Marie had a dance recital in Monroe, Louisiana. Craig and I, along with Carle and her friend Haley flew into Jackson MS to suprise Ava at her recital. Leaving from cold Ohio..the weather in Louisiana was HOT HOT HOT! Carle's friend Haley came along due to the CHEAP airfare we found..$25 each way...gotta love Southwest's DING!

When we arrived, we had the opportunity to catch up with a couple of Craig's friends before heading to the recital...I was able to do Ava's hair and she looked absolutely darling! We met at the show with Craig's mom Norma and step dad Joe, Ava's mom Regina and Doug, and close family friends Papa Mel and his wife Nannette. We had a little excitement before the recital..Carle and Haley discovered what fire ants were! Thank goodness Ava knew...she was the one who saved them..ha ha Sunday we went to church with Ava and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at the pool before heading back to Ohio!

Spring Break 2007

Spring Break came with a suprise...SNOW! Ava was here in Ohio for a visit, but sadly the weather kept Savannah home. Craig and I had leased a cottage up at Lake Erie in Port Clinton, Ohio...THANK GOODNESS it had an indoor pool!

Friday, October 27, 2006

First Day of Canadian Geese Hunting 2006

October 21, 2006

Craig, Michelle, Jeff and Val Killian

Napoleon OH

(Michelle limited out before Craig!!)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ava's 5th Birthday Party in Ohio

Hi Everyone! Well little Ava is now 5 years old! She flew for the first time by herself from Jackson MS to Chicago and did wonderful! After having an eventful birthday week in Louisiana, we continued with the country farm theme she had with her mom and friends down after a lunch at McDonalds with family and lots of playing and opening gifts we went back to Napoleon for some cake and pizza and more gifts then off to the corn maize. Ava, Autumn, Carle and Taylor LOVED the maize! When they were done we went to pumpkin patch, milked a cow and even rode in the cow train! Gotta love livin in the corn fields!